AFoggyone's Future

Through the fields and across the streams,
I walked towards my impossible dream.
My dream of love and acceptance,
Of friends yet unknown,
But who one day will all be shown
What I can do.
I can accomplish anything I want,
Given time I can grow my own wings.
I can walk on the streams and fly over the fields,
But only if I'm given a chance to show how I feel.
I feel like anyone else I', sure,
But I don't know what they feel I'm like.
I do my duty where ever I can,
Not forgeting who I am.
I keep my mind outside my work,
Keeping my emotions from bothering me.
I don't think on what I do,
But look at what I will have tto do later.
The future is now in our midst,
I can see it growing from the seeds of today.
It spreads and expands,
Taking roots in the sands
of our history.
It grows from our minds and our souls,
Moving across time to bring us togeather.
The future is not something to be feared,
But something that we must shape as we wish.
Our future now is falling apart,
Our sands are poisened, Our history's gone.
We forget our meaning and our purpose here,
Knowing only that we want more beer.
We are too immersed in our personal selves,
We must forget our bodies to save ourselves.
I am not religious overly much,
But I know problems when I see them as such.
We kill our selves with little cause,
And pardon those who do us wrong.
Why the hell do we live like this,
When it only means we will live like this?
We will build our future from our past,
But the present controls what goes into it.
The future is now, and is alterable.
At least, it is if we can act now.