What's Inside

Hello! My name is Forrest. I am a student at a major east coast university and eventually will be attending graduate school for (most likely) sociobiology. I am studying sociobiology, biochemistry, biological anthropology, general genetics, and archaeology right now, and depending on what majors exist next year I'll have degrees in one or more of those fields. But enough about myself; I am not the point of this site.

This site is designed to do three things: provide informative content regarding biochemistry, biological anthropology, sociobiology, and genetics, to provide a forum for the airing of my literary works (sad though they may be), and to provide a Barnes & Noble affiliate station for those who may be interested.

Inside the Information Station can be found various articles that I've written on various topics. They cover the aforementioned areas and will generally be updated as often as I have papers due. Additionally in this section will be links to different related web pages that I've found informative.

Withing the literature library (yes it's a bad name but I enjoy alliterations) will be more fictative works of mine. These range from humorous essays to book extensions to (hopefully) my own personal novel. Also inside will be links to web pages belonging to or focusing on different authors. If you choose to visit this section, please bear in mind that I like to write. I am not necessarily good at it.

The final section on this page is sponsored by Barnes and Noble. It is an affiliate station, run by me, which allows visitors to follow links from my site to Barnes and Noble and purchase books, magazines, or software. Yes, it is a potential money maker for me (although believe me, it won't be much). However, my main reason for having it is to provide links to different resources and readings which I recommend. I will not provide any link to Barnes and Noble (with the exception of general search engines) which leads to a resource which I personally have not read and enjoyed/found useful. If you see something you like, feel free to purchase it, or feel free to visit your local bookstore or library. Regardless, thank you for coming.

Well, with all of that said I imagine it is time to see what actual content lies on this page. Links to the different areas can be found below. For now the best means to navigate this site may be with your browser's "back" button, although some links to different portions of the site will appear. Thank you very much for coming and enjoy your stay.

F. O. Gulden