An Overview of the Immune System

This is the first in a series of postings regarding the human immune system. The details posted here will be in paragraph form and will focus on the basic condition of the immune system rather than on specific response to pathogenesis. Thank you for viewing and good luck.


Immunology is titled from and grew from early imunity studies. It has been known for some time that an individual who successfully recovers from a disease is often resistant to that disease in the future. On a visit to Constantinople an English citizen witnessed a procedure known as variolation, where individuals who had not previously contracted small pox were exposed to the bug through intentional exposure to infected individuals. This served to minimally infect the previously unexposed individual. Usually the individual was able to fend off the small amount of virus introduced and was thus protected against future infection. This procedure was brought back from eastern Europe to England and the west, where the practice was expanded upon over several years.