AFoggyone's Hitchhiker's Guide extension

Hello and welcome! This is the page of my site devoted to my favorite book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (HHG). By Douglas Adams, this triology consists of five uproarious books. I'm sure your library has them. Go read them. Now. I also have a link in my Barnes and Noble section to purchasing this book. There you can read a review I wrote for B&N if you wish which better explains how I feel.

Well, before I ramble farther, here is what this section contains. Below this text and to the right are several links listed as "chapters." These are little bits of an extension to the last chapter of the Hitchhiker series that I have written in an attempt to escape from boredom and have a good time as well. I hope you enjoy them, but believe me, it would be best if you read the rest of the series before you read this. Also, while you're reading these, I wrote this section a while ago, never proofread it, and didn't use the book(s) by Douglas Adams as a reference, so my quotations from them may be slightly off. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this section. Farther below and to the right are several links to other HHG sites on the web. Most of these I haven't had a chance to fully view, but they all look good. I hope you think so also. Thank you for visiting!