AFoggyone's 1984
Slogans of Necessity

By: Big Brother
(Translated into Oldspeak)

Life is doubleplusgood because of doublespeak. Doublespeak is a necessity that protects us from the evils of our enemy, Emmanuel Goldstein. Doublespeak provides a blanket that covers us and shelters us so that the doubleungood Brotherhood does not smother us with their lies.

Doublespeak is a necessity created by me to save us from Goldstein. We are all one, we all are the Party, and we will all be safe because of doublespeak.

The first slogan I created, 'War is Peace', refers to the excellent condition that our wonderful society is in. This slogan, and the reasoning behind it, prove that war is equivalent to peace.

Our society is divided into different classes. The leadership class is the Inner Party, who is ruling over the population of Oceania for its good, as the people of Oceania are incapable of ruling themselves. Because people are not fit to govern themselves, the Inner Party must always remain in power, or else anarchy will prevail.

In a state of anarchy, there is constant terror, fear, and hostility. There is death, destruction, and horrors. In a state of anarchy, many people die. A state of anarchy is also a state of war.

The war that has always been fought and that will always be fought until we triumph is a major way that the Party maintains control from Goldstein and his Brotherhood. If the war were ever stopped, it would provide Goldstein a much better chance to lure unsuspecting dupes into his camp. With the additional people, the Brotherhood might be able to defeat the Party, and anarchy would prevail.

Overall, Oceania only maintains peace because Oceania is at war. If the war is ended and peace with our enemy begins, war will start within Oceania itself, and we will all perish. Because Oceania is only at peace when it is at war, it is proper to say the war is peace.

The second slogan I created, 'Freedom is Slavery', reminds us all of the good of the Party. Perhaps Party member O'Brien said it best: "Has it occurred to you that it is reversible? Slavery is Freedom. Alone-free, the human being is always defeated. It must be so, because every human being is doomed to die, which is the greatest of all failures. But if he can make complete, utter submission, if he can escape from his identity, if he can merge himself in the Party, so that he is the Party, then he is all powerful and immortal."

From what O'Brien has said and what all sane people realize, anyone sane can realize that slavery is freedom, and that freedom is slavery. The Party is immortal. If you are a slave to the Party, you become the Party. If you become the Party, you are immortal. If you are immortal, you can never die, and if you can never die, you can never be defeated, and will be free forever. Therefore, it is easy to see that freedom is slavery.

The third and final slogan is 'Ignorance is Strength'. This is so very obvious! Ignorance is clearly strength, for strength is drawn not from knowledge but from the lack of knowledge, which proves if a lack of knowledge, or ignorance, abounds, then there will be an abundance of strength.

Let us use an example. Say that our enemy has a spy ring inside Oceania that somehow was not immediately caught by us. Eventually of course this spy ring will be searched out and destroyed, and all the traitors involved in it will be executed as enemies to the state.

As everyone knows, living conditions in Oceania have gotten much better since I came into power during the revolution. However, there are many people among us who are unsuspecting and foolish, and who may believe the lies that our enemies' agents spread.

These people, who are incompetent to rule themselves , are happy with their lives in the Party. However, enemy agents might talk to them. The agents will talk duckspeak, and will not be listened to.

However, eventually something that the enemy agent has said will be believed, and the person will believe the duckspeak. The person will lose their love of the Party, and will live unhappily, and will eventually be caught by the beloved members of our thought police.

When caught, this person will of course confess, and will be executed. They will be executed because they committed thinkcrime.

The thinkcrime they committed will kill them, not the Party. They will die because they learned.

From all this it can be seen how helpful it is to be ignorant. If you do not know that there is a spy ring, you will not hear the duckspeak. And if you do not hear the duckspeak, you will not commit thinkcrime and you will not be executed. Truly, ignorance is strength.

All three of my slogans show how doublespeak will helps us. It shows how doublespeak will let us live forever, and be happy and free forever. By doing this, doublespeak protects from the enemies who wish to destroy us. However, in part because of doublespeak, we will never be defeated or destroyed.

The three slogans used by Big Brother in Orwell's 1984 show us how Oceania is controlled by the Party. They show us how the Party perverts words and twists their meanings for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it is necessary to realize that the slogans make use of doublespeak. By being accepted and enforced, they enforce and accept doublespeak.

For one thing, the Party uses doublespeak to help Newspeak control the populace's minds. Eventually, nearly all of the words in Oldspeak will be replaced by Newspeak. Newspeak will eliminate all thought contrary to the Party. However, doing only that would leave problems that could not be solved without additional language.

For instance, take the stars. As O'Brien says, they are only bits of fire a few kilometers away, except when it is necessary that truth be changed. The change in truth requires a dual system of astronomy, something that would never be believed if not for the common use of and acceptance of doublespeak.

Going no farther than the novel, the slogans are themselves symbols, showing the futility of any argument or idea contrary to the Party. They are symbols of hopelessness and despair.

Also, in the novel sense, these slogans are repeated proof that the meaning of life has been perverted in 1984. They show that the values that current humans have are no longer important, that the deeds we accomplish are worthless, and that the jobs we do will be forgotten. They show how different 1984 is from today.

Inside the novel, the slogans do many things. They show us how doublespeak is used to control thought. They help keep the feeling of despair hang over 1984. They help tell us what life is like in Winston's world.

Outside the novel, they remind us that if any one of them is ever believed, it will mean that our world has changed beyond recognition. It will mean that we are worthless, and that we are doomed to an eternity of painful terror.